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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the NASTAR Racing program, keep reading. “NASTAR (NAtional STAndard Race) was developed by Ski Magazine in 1968. NASTAR is the largest recreational ski and snowboard race program in the world.” Their mission is simple, “ to provide a fun, competitive and easily accessible racing program that, thro ugh the development of a handicap system, allows racers of all ages and abilities a means to compare their race results to other competitors across the country regardless of when and where they race.” ( So don’t get left at the starting gate! Sign up now! You can register NASTAR’s website or with us the first time you come out to race.



  • Saturdays (1p-4p)     
  • Sundays (1p-4p)         

WHERE:  Paoli Peaks


WHAT TRAIL: Beech Grove



  • $5 = 2 Daily Runs
  • $10 = Daily Unlimited runs
  • $49 = Nastar Seasonal Student Pass (7-17)
  • $69 = Nastar Seasonal Adult Pass (18+)

MORE INFORMATION: Marty Minton, Skier Services (812) 723-4696 ext. 228


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