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Saturday Kids Race Clinic

Fri, Feb 1 - Fri, Feb 22

Contact Email: information@paolipeaks.com

This progression-style race clinic is for children, ages 7-14 years of age. It will be conducted by Level III instructor Jimmie Johnson and Race Director Mike Pease. By the end of the clinic, participants will have learned how to start, maneuver the gates, and finish a race. While this clinic is progression-style, each session is designed to accommodate those who are not able to participate in all 5 sessions by covering the previous sessions teachings before moving on to new things.

Participants don't have to have a racing background, but they do need to be a skiing background, preferably at an intermediate to advanced skill level (basically needs to be able to ski comfortably on Blue Terrain).

Available SESSIONS:

  • Session 1 - Saturday, January 19th - Introduction to racing and  focus on the "start".
  • Session 2 - Saturday, January 26th - Student will work on the Start and the first 3 gates. 
  • Session 3 - Saturday, February 2nd- Students will build from the last session, starting with the Start up to 6 gates.
  • Session 4 - Saturday, February 16th - Building from the last session up to 9 gates.
  • Session 5 - Saturday, February 23rd - Students complete a race by working on Starting to Finishing.

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