Seasonal Lockers- $99/season.  Provides an excellent place to store your equipment during the season. It sure beats lugging it around in your car all winter. Seasonal Lockers are your typical High School lockers with the locker itself standing 72" high; however the locker tops have been removed, extending into the ceiling,  to accommodate long skis or snowboards all the while keeping your items secure.

Daily Locker Rental-Prevent your personal belongings from getting lost on the slopes by storing them in one of the many lockers available for rent at Paoli Peaks. 

  • Coin-Operated Lockers (approx H 16"x L 16" x W 12").  One time use for $0.75
  • Digital Lockers - 3 different sizes: Small $4 (H 14"x L 21" x W 12"), Medium $6 (H 18"x L 21" x W 15"), and Large $10 (H 24"x L 30" x W 17"). These lockers are great because you can create your own 4-digit passcode, which means NO KEY to keep track of! With the digital passcode, each member of your group can access the locker at any given time without paying for each access. Exact cash or credit card is accepted with these lockers.

Paoli Peaks is not responsible for lost or stolen items and recommends your items be stored in your car or locker. We ask that no items be stored on top of, next to, or underneath the restaurant tables (includes shoes, jackets, gloves, bags, coolers, etc).